Biophotonic research has gone far since it loomed in the world of Science. It helped shed light on some matters concerning the rhythmic action among the living cells. Later on, Scientists conducted more biophotonic research in hopes of finding cures to certain diseases and improving methods for health care.

Recently, the subject of photon and structured water is making waves. Although skeptics dismiss bio photon and structured water as an esoteric matter, many are convinced that this could be more than just healthy water.

Biophotonic Research

The Lord said: “Let there be light…” And there was light. However, light is something more than meets the eye. And then there was photon.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a radiologist and theoretical biophysicist from Frankfurt, Germany conducted an extensive analysis on bio photon. According to his biophotonic research, the human DNA emits lights or photons, which causes “biophotonic emissions.”

But before Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp made bio photon an item in the world of Science, Russian scientist Dr. Pjotr Garjajev had already made an introduction.  Dr. Garjajev initiated his own biophotonic research by conducting an experiment. He discovered that living cells can transmit messages from one to another through light. Thus, the birth of bio photon.

In 1970, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp confirmed these findings during his biophotonic research with ultraviolet light and cancer. The doctor based this study on Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsch’s work on onions. Gurwitsch’s suggested that the onions’ roots communicate with each other through UV light. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp tested the theory on two identical molecules benzo[a]pyrene (a carcinogen) and benzo[e]pyrene.

Structured Water and Photon

Some have never heard of structured water; some classify it under pseudo-science; some think it’s quackery; others are convinced of its healing power and name it “healthy water.” But what really is structured water? What is its relation to bio photon?

To address the first question, structured water is simply water that runs through rocks and streaming through mountains in its natural twisting and turning action. The movement of water molecules along nature gives it structure.

The unique quality of structured healthy water plays an important role in efficient relay of cell-to-cell communication through light or photon. Structured water therefore enhances the body’s biophotonic processes. This also means an increased potential for self-healing.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp revisited and confirmed the potency of bio photon in curing cancer and possibly other diseases. Coupled with the so-called healthy water, bio photon can be considered a revolutionary finding that could save lives.

People who took advantage of the structured water theory have seen great improvements in their health. Positive effects include better sleep, increased energy, and stronger performance.

In this age of Internet and smartphones, many feel skeptical about this powerhouse of nature’s blessing. But, many are missing out on the benefits of enjoying water and light in their purest form. More biophotonic researches are being conducted. Aside from biophotonic research, studies on structured water are also still ongoing. But, those who dared try can only feel thankful to nature.