Learn how elements provides astonishing effects on water

Water is life, and just like humans, it is connected to and is affected by its surroundings. In this article, we will show you how music, prayer and words have unbelievable, yet, realistic effects on water.

Effects of Music on Water


Did you know that there is an amazing play between music and water? In fact, there are visible proofs to the fascinating effects of music on water!

A lot can be said when it comes to music. In fact, it cannot be defined into a single term for the reason that people have different perspectives regarding music. However, one thing is for sure, music is life and that music has long been an integral part of human life. Many, if not all, would agree that without music, life is dull and boring.

Music, with its various forms and structures, fuels the mind and fosters creativity among adults and children alike. As such, it propels people to discover the wonders of this world and to create as well as innovate. An engaging form of art, music is said to be the language of the universe. It is universal in the sense that understanding it has no boundaries. Surprisingly, even other creatures such as animals can understand music as much as human beings do. Music is intertwined in the lives of people; it is one of the forms of expressing oneself in ways when mere talking is not enough. It also empowers people to a certain form of movement as it deals with the human senses. Moreover, music is a very dynamic art form; it stirs up emotions, moves one’s feelings, brings excitement and lifts up one’s soul.

Dr. Emoto Masaru’s Study on the Effect of Music on Water


Nonetheless, the power of music goes beyond feelings and emotions. It can actually have a significant effect on nature such as water. The studies of a well-known Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto Masaru, have proven the remarkable effects of music on water and to human life, as well. In his experiments, certain music genres were used, most of which were classical music. The results were astonishing because as the structured water was frozen during the process, beautiful water crystals were formed.

From this experiment, they have concluded that music has a sort of healing properties and that it has powerful effects on water. Furthermore, another wonderful discovery is that music affects people’s health in a positive way; meaning, its healing properties can also take effect on human bodies since they are mainly composed of water. A case in point is the various frequencies of music and the vibrations created as these have different effects on water and on the bodily tissues and organs, in particular.

So, the next time you feel down and thirsty, do not just listen to music, instead, drink structured water and experience the amazing benefits and effects of music on water.

Effects of Prayer on Water


Just like music, prayer has also a miraculous connection with water and has amazing effects on water.

We all agree that prayer is vital to our being. Prayer is a channel of communication. It is a process that allows people to talk to and interact with their Maker. We all know that communication, in every sense of the word, is essential in building a relationship for without it, no relationship ever survives. Through prayers, the connections are strengthened and fostered. Moreover, prayer, as a form of communication, causes people to bare their feelings, thoughts and desires. Resultantly, prayer brings about a powerful force and its effects are truly limitless. Prayers are indeed powerful! There are actual images that testify about the wonderful effects of prayer on water.

Undeniably, water is life. Hence, it is imperative that in order to thrive, one must incorporate prayer as part of one’s growth. The interminable effects of prayer are worth relating to the importance of water. Water is a life-giving element. Ergo, it needs to be nurtured and cared for. Dr. Masaru Emoto, the inventor of structured water, has found some remarkable effects of prayer on water. Upon performing a series of experiments, discovery shows that positive words in the form of prayer have impressive and miraculous results.

Photographs of structured water were captured and examined. A clear evidence of the effects of prayer on water is proven. The formation of water that has been showered with good words is said to be more structured and better-looking compared to the water that was bombarded with negative words. Indeed, prayer and water are interconnected. Apparently, positive words and good vibes have significant effects on water. Hence, the effects of prayer on water are unquestionable.

Effects of Words on Water


Have you ever wondered if words have effects on water? Words have power; they either kill or speak life to anything and to anyone. In a sense, words are the primary medium of communication, both oral and written. The way we use them spells the difference in transmitting a message onto others. Similarly, our manner of expressing ourselves greatly affects the message that is being conveyed; that is, it can be either taken positively or negatively. The impact of the words spoken defines the gravity of the message.

Too many times, people talk without thinking and so they unconsciously utter words that are somewhat discouraging, let alone destructive. Apparently, only a few would stop and think before they gab. Of the thousands words that come out from our mouth each day, we are actually oblivious to the fact that these expressions have negative effect on the people around us. Since words have immense power, we ought to use them purposely. Words release energy and significance that stirs up responses from other people. Whatever we say, whether positive or negative, generates an effect in the lives of others, and have effects on water, too.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Study on the Effect of Words on Water


Yes, common effects of words on water are known. To emphasize the power of words, Dr. Masaru Emoto, the genius behind the discovery of structured water, conducted a study on the effects of words on water. In his experiment, he wrote words (both positive and negative) on vials filled with water. It was found out that beautiful crystals were formed in the vials which had positive words such as love, kindness and the like. Consequently, the ones with negative words had an opposite result.

From such experiment, serious and significant effects on water are evident. So, before saying anything, remember the effects of words on water. Moreover, words and water are interrelated. Ergo, if there are remarkable effects of words on water, we can also claim that words have impact on our body since we are largely composed of water. With that said, we are highly encouraged to take in not just healthy drinking water but the kind of water that brings restoration and healing. Structured water is the best solution!

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