Only the best treatment can produce the best drinking water 

The Marked Difference – Structured Water vs Filtered Water

Producing a healthy, drinking water is in reality an arduous task, as it needs proper and careful process. Currently, there are several systems of treating and producing healthy water but the process involves harming the water. Over time, filtered water has become a household name but unbeknownst to many, this type of water treatment actually removes all the beneficial elements from the water. Although filtered water is free from harmful contaminants, it is in fact considered as “dead water” since it removes the water’s natural makeup. On the other hand, structured water eradicates unwanted residues while leaving the water still full of minerals and essential elements that are needed by our body.

Changes on the Molecular Structure

Structuring water makes it possible to produce healthy water, thus providing a safe drinking water for everyone. Through changing the water molecular structure, the toxins found in water are neutralized resulting to healthy water. In the process of structuring water, the chemicals are still present but they are in a different molecular structure. Even though the difference cannot be blatantly seen, its effects are certainly obvious through the difference in one’s health and well-being.

Structured water underwent a change in the water molecular structure. This molecular arrangement happens when water molecules are close to hydrophilic surfaces. The water molecules form into structured sheets which are flexible and move autonomously. Since our bodily tissues are hydrophilic, the water in our body is believed to be structured water. Granting that majority of the water inside a human body is structured water; hence, it is imperative that humans need to take in more structured water. Like a battery, structured water requires constant charging; it has to be energized and refueled especially after long hours of work.