Thank you for your interest in the original and the dynamically enhanced water structuring units produced by Natural Action Technologies, Inc. and inventor Clayton M. Nolte. Clayton is a genius in inventing these water structuring units that turn ordinary tap water into Structured Water. These units need no filters to change and come with a lifetime warranty.

Natural Action Technologies produce a variety of Natural Action Structured Water Units;
from Portable Units, Shower units, Large and Small Garden Units, Under the Sink Units, Whole House Units, to Commercial Units.

M Health Products is proud to be an official registered distributor of these amazing Structured Water Units and thus created this website named Dynamic Structured Water to highly promote Clayton Nolte’s invention. These units are sold worldwide through an amazing team of distributors. Please feel free to browse the website which hopes to provide education and information on the different structured water units. If you find the information on this website or the products useful and think that many people can benefit from these wonderful products, please feel free to tell your friends about them.

Please be aware that there are a few groups of people selling water structuring units on the internet and in person that are copy-cat, cheap, knockoff versions of the units that Natural Action Technologies, Inc. manufacture. They do not include the proprietary technology or materials that are in the genuine units created by Clayton Nolte. You can go to the manufacturer’s website ( to check the list of authorized distributors. You will find Dynamic Structured Water under M Health Products with location in New Jersey.

Any order of water structuring units will be delivered anywhere in the world for free.

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