How Structured Water Technologies Work

One of our goals is to let you know how structured water technologies work. Structured Water units create a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. The flows and counterflows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turn water into a machine. But first, let us talk about how structured water came to be.

Structured Water Research

Water is obviously one of the most significant elements with regards to what goes into your body. A few days without water intake may result in your death. As you may know, water takes up 2/3 of your body. However, your body is actually comprised of more than 99% of water molecules. A specific structured water research has been done to concretely define its benefits.

In chemistry, when you have a hydrophilic interface, the idea is that some particles of water molecules could form a series of order. However, this is just a minor effect, because what was found is that this ordering of water can form more than a million of molecular layers. Which means that the water in connecting may form in order in the macroscopic manner.

Imagine the cells as the source of protein similar to a network consisting of nucleic acids and proteins, the gaps in between the grids are occupied by water. Which means that there are a number of surfaces which connect with water to hit the structure. Your cells are comprised primarily of this structured water on human body that makes it important to fully comprehend the water to have a better understanding of the works of the cell.

This idea has been known for many years, yet the relevant information has somehow gone out of the scene and  has seemed to be forgotten. Among the spearheads in this field is Gilbert Ling, the Chinese-American that has done structured water research and has written a number of books about the core significance of structured water on human body.

In other words, structured water on human body is basically a member of the cell structure and is charged as well. As explained by Dr. Gerald Pollack in his structured water research,  there are several batteries in your cells with the separate minus and plus charges. These are charged through incident radiant energy such as the ultraviolet, heat and light. These three absorbed energies make the charges become separate. The energy from the outside creates the charge order and separation. This potential energy occupies your cells and the energy is also essential to understanding the way your cells work.  

How Structured Water Technologies Work

If you’re in the dark about how structured water technologies work, well, here’s the answer! The structured water technologies system works without filters (although they can be used if the need arises), without chemicals or salts, without electricity, without magnets, and without any moving mechanical parts. It requires no maintenance. The working part of the structured water technologies is water itself. Nature does not clean the water as much as it allows the water to clean itself. So let water do the work. I created a machine whose working parts are made of water. It is a machine of water that works at the molecular level to allow water to refresh and clean itself. It resembles more a musical instrument than a machine. If we were a water molecule on the path through this device it would be an exhilarating roller coaster ride. We would come out refreshed and ready to perform our life-given roles. Hence, the structured water technologies.

This structured water technologies employ an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water itself to create a “Natural Action unit” that works at the molecular level. This “Natural Action unit” alters the molecular structure of the water activating and retaining the healthful benefits of minerals and characteristics.

Specially tuned geometry creates an energy environment for water to structure itself. This gives water a lower surface tension and better hydrating properties. This geometric technology breaks up large low energy water molecule clusters into smaller high energy clusters. This innovative structured water technologies eliminate negative energy patterns (sometimes called the memory of water) and redefines the water’s natural healthy energy pattern. Structured water allows us to imprint through the DNA and RNA the knowledge of its secret blueprint and help one to become balanced in the universe. The things that are adverse to life are pulled to the inside of the water molecule and shielded from life itself.

Everything takes less water when it is structured, about 30 percent less water. In everybody’s home are devices that you have to constantly tend and repair. I’m building and putting out a device that is s one time purchase. You buy it one time, you put it on wherever you want to put it, it will never wear out, it has no moving parts. The water itself is the moving part; it is the machine. It is what brings the water to that place of being free to do what it is meant to do, which is to make life absolutely perfect.

The New Research on Structured Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack

For several years, Dr. Gerald Pollack devoted a lot of time and effort in performing research on water as well as about muscles and their contraction. The result of Dr. Gerald Pollack’s structured water research came as a surprise to him as he finds out that the most popular concept of muscle contraction has no involvement of water, in spite of the fact that muscle tissue has 99% of water molecules.

Nevertheless, most of the textbooks generally overlook the existence of water in your tissues, muscles and organs. In his book, Dr. Gerald Pollack deals with the irregularities and takes into the front role of the structured water in human body.

You may think that everything about water has already been taught about, but Dr. Gerald Pollack’s structured water research confirms that this is not true. According to him, no one really knows how the water really works.  

In short, the water in every part of your cell gets an ordered structure coming from the energy gathered from the environment, usually through infrared heat, sunlight and electromagnetic radiation.

If the structured water in human body is safe, then, drinking structured water combined with healthy living will give your body a good health. That’s the goal of structured water technologies.

Because what are you?

You are probably 80 percent water. As we age, that percentage of water drops. But if you are drinking structured water, it will all be the same. Go check out our structured water units and start living a healthy life.