What is Structured Water?

A lot of people have been wondering what is structured water all about. Actually, the term “structured water” is employed to describe water clusters arranged in a very symmetric and thorough geometric shape. Hexagonal water is structured and healthy water due to groups of water molecules that form a hexagonal shape, when joined together. You don’t need a water filter anymore! Consuming structured water offers lots of health advantages. This article is focused on health advantages provided by healthy, structured water consumption and answers the queries on what is structured water all about. So, what is structured water? Read along and find out.

Water: The Source of Life

Known for its connection to life, water is deemed the most important element of man’s survival. Without water, we definitely can’t survive. We continue to thrive because there is water around us and even within us. However, man’s need for survival has led to damaging effects on water. Due to poor habits, man has misused this precious gift. Over the years, water has been on the constant run of getting abused by its users. Almost every day, we hear news and stories about water being contaminated which has caused fatal diseases to mankind all over the world. Although majority of our planet is composed of water, it is disheartening to know that the world is suffering from water scarcity. Because of this, concerned citizens have made efforts on saving and “restructuring” water in order to solve the pressing need of producing healthy water. The following paragraph tells us more about what is structured water and what it does to our body.

Benefits of Structured Water

Aside from being fresh tasting and invigorating, Structured Water has numerous and exceptional benefits that one can get from drinking such. What is structured water and its benefits? The benefits are as follows: Structured water’s high solubility for minerals in the human body permits to spread vitamins and nutrition minerals throughout the organism and to the inside cells quicker and more effectively; In addition, due to its hexagonal shape, structured water can protect the body and its cells from various foreign substances, including pollutants and pathogens. This is achieved because of the tight bonds that let water structures form steady bonds around healthy body cells, preventing pathogens from approaching the cells. Thus, structured water is kind of a safety barrier that leads to a healthier and stronger immunity; Structured water provides fast hydration to the cells. The shape of structured water has a better access to cells through tissue membranes, comparing to bottled and running water. Due to this, the body and its cells are rehydrated quicker. This simple process provides a better look to the skin, speaking of the outward indicators of this healthy water’s work; This water has a bit higher water pH. This allows for consumption of less-acidic diets that are recommended by nutritionists so often. Higher water pH provides a better health state for the whole body and leads to various advantageous results in your health, including less aging signs; Structured water provides more detoxification and energy. In order to be assimilated and used in the organism, the water has to be structured. When consuming structured water, a person’s body doesn’t need to spend tons of energy on transforming and restructuring the unorganized and clustered molecules that regular water consists of. Moreover, the unique shape of healthy water provides better nutrient transportation in the body and more effective waste removal, leading to an absolutely natural inner detox and cleansing.

The Research: Restructuring Water

Back in the 90s, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, had performed some experiments on water. Since it is not enough to drink ordinary water, he studied the molecular structure of water and how it can be restructured to improve its effect on mankind. His experiments focused on observing the physical effects of music, environment, words and prayers on the crystalline structure of water. Also, his experiment involved using frozen water so it will form into crystalline structure. Masaru Emoto hired some photographers and asked them to take pictures of water after being exposed to the above-mentioned variables. To his surprise, the water exposed to positive variables appeared to be more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than those exposed to negative variables.

Dr. Masaru Emoto undertook extensive research of water around the planet, not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At length, Dr. Masaru Emoto, realized that it was in the frozen crystal form, that water showed us its true nature. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his ground-breaking research and discovery, that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

The future of healthy water relies heavily on how we use and preserve it today. With the prime importance of water and the benefits that it provides, it is but proper that we take care of it. It’s amazing to know that through the extensive research Dr. Masaru Emoto, we can have a full understanding on the miraculous and powerful benefits of structured water. Hence, it is not just enough to know what is structured water, but preserving water should be everybody’s top priority.

The Inventor: Clayton M. Nolte

What is structured water and who created it? We all have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research and his amazing discoveries, but behind this great invention is the man named Clayton M. Nolte. He is a researcher, an inspired inventor of life-transforming water structuring technologies, and not to mention, an avid fan of water and nature. He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life. During Clayton Nolte’s research, nature’s own structured water became a unique recurring phenomenon of appearing where no water should. With an innate desire to emulate this for more in-depth studies in remote locations and labs, Clayton delved into the inner world of water. In those times and since, Clayton Nolte has discovered innovative technologies, fabricated several devices and proved the amazing wonders of science. Clayton Nolte’s experience is in the infinite possibilities. With his experience, accompanied by a group of specially gifted individuals and gifted passionate students, he will help to form an alliance of discovery and together cross the bridge into the new paradigm for the future of water.

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